Since 1993 ASW has specialized in processing and trading all sorts of bovine lime-split products. By trimming and assorting each split piece by piece, customers’ special demands can be met individually. This does not only apply to split hides and double butt splits, but also to shoulder and belly splits. Qualified employees, up-to-date technology and flexibility guarantee steady standards. In order to meet the high-quality requirements for producers of collagen and gelatine, preserving additives are not used at all, which can be achieved by shortest possible working periods. Additionally, this means saving costs and treating environment with care.

As ASW offers to deliver fresh double butt splits as well as fresh shoulders on pallets, it is possible to fix the sizes of lots and adjust them to the consignees’ needs. On customers’ request double butt splits processed to Wet-Blue are tanned by a contract partner in southern Germany, one of the most modern tanneries in Europe. Constant quality tanning and steady classified selections can also be ensured here.

ASW processes 1.800 T per month and is registered according to EC 853/2004 for merchandise fit for human consumption. Furthermore, HACCP concept -Hazard Analysis and Critical Points- is implemented.

ASW is member of Split Group and Lime Split Group.